The neciogames' Unity Plugin for Android supports an Advertisement Implementation of 3 different Advertisement Providers; Amazon Mobile Ads, Axonix and InnerActive. The Ad Implementation provides Interstitials and Banner Ads for all 3 providers.

With the Advertisement Implementation the Plugin supports the possibility to select Ads by a specific selection mode used for Banner and Interstitial Ads by accessing Advertisement Player Preferences which can be updated via an online hosted XML-File.

Further on the Plugin provides an Implementation of useful Basic Android Functions.


Advertisement Implementations

Amazon Mobile Ads

• Banner Ads

• Interstitial Ads


• Banner Ads

• Interstitial Ads


• Banner Ads

• Interstitial Ads


Please note due to Unity Asset Store restrictions the advertisement libraries (SDK's) are not included in the Plugin and need to be downloaded at their corresponding web pages!


Basic Android Functions

• Timed Notifications

• Simple Notifications

• Android's Immersive Mode

• Keeping the Android Screen on

• Get Android devices Screen size in inches

• Get Android API Level

• Get Android package's Version Code and Name

• Screen Orientations which are missing in Unity

• Sharing Functions using Facebook, Twitter, g+ etc. for pictures and text

• Opening your Facebook-page inside the Facebook-app

• Reading Phone States like: SIM country code, phone number and the IMEI

• Reading the Android ID

• Vibrator Implementation

• Checking the internet connection

• Showing Android's toast messages



The neciogames' Unity Plugin for Android is what YOU need to bring YOUR Unity project to Android.


Please find here a small game which uses the Plugin!



Comming Soon!
Status: In Approval Process