The neciogames' Splash Menu is a package of useful GUI-layouts and scenes which adapting its size to different screen sizes.

The neciogames' Splash Menu uses as well the neciogames' Localization & Platformization Package!


Splash Menu Scripts

• Menu Buttons

• Scale Menu Background

• Text Objects

• Game Titles

• Dropdown List

• Toggle Button

• Grouped Toggle Buttons

• Level Selection Buttons

• World Selection Buttons

• Menu Slider

• Popup Windows

• Popup Windows GuiLayout

• Scroll Text Objects

• Story Help Pictures

• Table View Object

• Activate Rating Button

• Initialize Settings

• Scene Handling

• Backgroundmusic Handler



The neciogames' Splash Menu Package is what YOU need to bring a Menu which adapting its size to different screen sizes to YOUR Unity projects, while YOU can keep concentrating on the Game-development.






Please find here, here and here a small game which uses this Menu Package!



Release Process!
The Release Process is stopped due to the new UI-Functions in Unity 4.6+!